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Summer  2018 :

Monday-Fri:  8:00 am-5:00 pm  Sat 8:30am - 1pm      Sunday closed

Call for an appointment outside of these hours.

Equipment Name
Rental Pro ID #DayWeek 
Pressure Washer, Electric2545000$35.00$140.00
Pressure Washer, Gas Powered 2700 PSI2545000$50.00$200.00
Pressure Washer, Hot 3600 PSI2547000$75.00$300.00
Pump, Trash 2"2580000$65.00$260.00
Pump, Trash 3"2580020$75.00$300.00
Pump, Trash 3" 2580025$75.00$300.00
Pump, Electric Submersible 3/4" (fits garden hose)2570000$15.00$60.00
Pump, Electric Submersible 3/4" (fits garden hose)2570005$15.00$60.00
Pump, Electric Submersible 3/4" (fits garden hose) 2575010$15.00$60.00
Pump, Electric Submersible 2"2575015$45.00$180.00
Pump, Submersible 1-1/2"2570020$25.00$100.00
Pump, Electric Submersible 3"

****Hoses available for all pumps. One discharge hose included with each

      submersible pump. One suction hose and one discharge hose included

      with each trash pump.        

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