Equipment Name
Rental Pro ID #DayWeek
Tractor, Kubota BX2200 (comes with Rototiller or Mower Deck Attachment)1520000$185.00$740.00
Mower Deck, Kubota Attachment1520005$75.00$300.00
Rototiller, Kubota Attachment1520010$75.00$300.00
Rotary Cutter, 3 point hitch1520015$75.00$300.00
Aerator, Gas Powered 18"      $45/2hr2005000$145.00$580.00
Aerator, Pull Behind2005005$85.00$340.00
Aerator, Gas Powered 19"       $45/2hr2005010$145.00$580.00
Aerator, Gas Powered, 36"      $45/2hr
Aerator, Gas Powered 18"       $45/2hr
Electric Blower, Weed Eater 24502085000$55.00$220.00
Leaf Blower/Vacuum2085005$55.00$220.00
Brush Mower, Billy Goat BC2401
Wood Chipper/Shredder,  for trash branches,  1 1/4" max diameter2170000$125.00$500.00
Power Rake, Bluebird PR 22     $40/2hr2270000$95.00$320.00
Lawn Comber                             $40/2hr2270005$125.00$500.00
Lawn Sweep, Pull Behind 42"2270010$35.00$140.00
Power Rake, with bag                $30/2hr2270015$95.00$225.00
Power Rake, Power Slice           $40/2hr2270020$95.00$320.00
Power Rake, Power Thatch        $40/2hr2270025$95.00$320.00
Tree Trimmer, High Reach Light Duty2435000$12.00$48.00
Garden Hose, Heavy Duty2435005$8.00$32.00
Garden Hose, Regular2435015$3.00$12.00
Track Shovel2435010$8.00$32.00
Rake, Landscape2435020$8.00$32.00
Rake, Landscape2435025$8.00$32.00
Rake, Landscape2435030$8.00$32.00
Lawn Sweep, 2 Stroke Gas Rubber Drum      $40/2hr2445000$75.00$220.00
Lawn Vacuum, gas engine, with bagger    $30/2hr2445005$55.00$220.00
Lawn Mower, Push 21" 2490000$40.00$160.00
Law Mower, Push with Bag2490010$40.00$160.00
Lawn Mower, Ride On2442000$70.00$280.00
Weed Cutter, Manual2490020$10.00$40.00
Lawn Roller, plastic drum,  fill with water for weight2620000$10.00$40.00
Lawn Roller,    "2620005$10.00$40.00
Lawn Roller,    "2620010$10.00$40.00
Lawn Roller,    "2620015$10.00$40.00
Lawn Roller,    Steel drum, (sidewalks, driveways)2620020$10.00$40.00
Fertilizer Spreader, Push2755000$5.00$20.00
Fertilizer Spreader, Pull Behind2755005$35.00$140.00
Seeder, Cyclone2755010$10.00$40.00
Stump Grinder2790000$185.00$740.00
Sod Cutter (Cuts 1' Strips)
Rototiller, Mini, Front Tine 40 CC
Rototiller, Mid Tine 8 HP2835005$90.00$360.00
Rototiller, Rear Tine 6.5 HP2835010$85.00$340.00
Rototiller, Rear Tine 6.5 HP2835015$85.00$340.00
Rototiller Rear Tine 6.5 HP2835020$85.00$340.00
Rototiller Rear Tine 8 HP2835025$90.00$360.00
Rototiller 4 Stroke, Mantis2835030$50.00$200.00
Rototiller Trimmer Attachment2905000$55.00$220.00
Extension Chainsaw Trimmer Attachment2905005$55.00$220.00
Hedge Trimmer, Electric2905010$18.00$72.00
Hedge Trimmer, Gas Powered2905015$55.00$220.00
String Trimmer, Electric2905020$20.00$80.00
Trimmer, Gas Powered Walk Behind2905025$65.00$260.00
Trimmer, Gas Powered Walk Behind2905030$65.00$260.00
Trimmer, Gas Powered String2905050$55.00$220.00
Trimmer, Gas Powered String 2905055$55.00$220.00
Log Splitter2460000$65.00$260.00

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