Equipment Name
Rental Pro ID#DayWeek

Chain Saw, Jonsered 18"1600000$45.00$180.00

Drill, 1/2" Electric2290000$12.00$48.00

Drill, 1/2" Electric2290005$12.00$48.00

Grinder, Angle 4"2380000$10.00$40.00

Grinder, Angle 5"2380005

Grinder, Angle 7"2380010$12.00$48.00

Grinder, Angle 7"

Grinder, Angle 7"

Grinder, Angle 7"

Grinder, Die 

Grinder, Die Air Powered2855016$15.00$60.00

Nailer, Stick (Framing), Bostitch N80SB-12500025$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Manual Hardwood Floor2500030$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Pneumatic Airy ATK-0250S2500035$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Roofing2500000$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Roofing2500005$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Roofing2500010$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Roofing2500015$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Roofing2500020$10.00$40.00

Nailer, Screw Gun2500040$25.00$100.00

Powder Actuated Tool, Simpson PTM-272535000$45.00$180.00

Belt Sander, Bosch2650000$15.00$60.00

Belt Sander, Delta2650005$15.00$60.00

Cut-Off Saw, Gas Powered, Partner K 7002660000$55.00$220.00

Cut-Off Saw, Gas Powered, Wacker2660010$55.00$220.00

Cut-Off Saw, Gas Powered with Water , Husqvarna2660015$55.00$220.00

Cut-Off Saw, Electric (Partner K2300)2660005$55.00$220.00

Circular Saw, 7-1/2"2556025$10.00$40.00


Scroll Saw2665020$15.00$60.00

Saw, Spiral Rotozip2665000$10.00$40.00

Saw, Undercut2665005$10.00$40.00

Cut-Off Saw, Electric, 8" 2665015$10.00$40.00

Saw, Compound Mitre, 10"2675005$20.00$80.00

Chop Saw, 14" Electric (Blade Extra)2675000$20.00$80.00

Reciprocating Saw2680000$15.00$60.00

Stapler, Air, Paslode 3200/502770000$10.00$40.00

Stapler Air, Paslode Lite Line2770005$10.00$40.00

Flooring Stapler and Cleat Nailer2770010$25.00$100.00

Flooring Stapler and Cleat Nailer2770020$25.00$100.00

Stapler, Manual2770015$8.00$32.00

Floor Scraper, Electronic Eddy2785000$15.00$60.00

Floor Scraper, Manual2785005$5.00$20.00

Tool Belt2855000$5.00$20.00

Hammer, Flooring2855005$5.00$20.00

Glue Spreader, 5" x 11"2855010$4.00$16.00

Shovel, Roof2855020$8.00$32.00

Sharpening Wheel2855035$8.00$32.00

Spade, Small2855040$5.00$20.00


Ratchet, 3/8" Air Powered 2855035$15.00$60.00

Sledge Hammer2855025$8.00$32.00

Sledge Hammer2855030$8.00$32.00
Hammer/Chisel, 13/32" Air Powered 


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