Equipment NameRental Pro ID #DayWeek
Safety Triangle1530000$10.00$40.00
Skunk Trap2020000$5.00$20.00
Turbo Fan (Air Mover)2080000$25.00$100.00
Turbo Fan (Air Mover)2080005$25.00$100.00
Dehumidifier, 40 pint2256000$35.00$140.00
Wallpaper Steamer2940000$20.00$80.00
Wallpaper Perforator (Porcupine)2940005$5.00$20.00
Drywall Lift, 14'2295000$55.00$220.00
Drywall Lift, 11'2295005$45.00$180.00
Drywall Lift, 11'2295010$45.00$180.00
Paint Sprayer2510020$75.00$300.00
Paint Sprayer2510000$75.00$300.00
Stipple/Texture Machine2510005$45.00$180.00
Stipple/Texture Machine (Larger)2510010$65.00$260.00
Abrasive Spot Blaster Gun2640010 $10.00$40.00
Sandblaster, 100 lb2640000$45.00$180.00
Hood, Air Feed Sandblast2640005$15.00$60.00
Welder, Trailer Red-D-Arc D300K2945000$75.00$300.00
Heat Gun, 18 Amps2400000$10.00$40.00
Heat Gun, 12 Amps2400005$10.00$40.00
Tile Cutter, 20" Manual2250000$15.00$60.00
Tile Cutter, 10" Manual2250000$12.00$48.00
Brick Cutter (Guillotine)2250010$15.00$60.00
Saw, 10" Brick2250020$65.00$260.00
Tile Saw, w/H2O2685000$35.00$140.00
Cutters, Bolt 18"2260000$5.00$20.00
Cutters, Bolt 30"2260005$10.00$40.00
Locator, Pipe and Cable2455000$35.00$140.00
Shingle Remover2630000$8.00$32.00
Magnetic Pick Up Stick2805000$10.00$40.00
Scaffolding Frame (45 Available)2695002+$10.00$40.00
Scaffolding 7' Platform2695047+$10.00$40.00
Scaffolding 10' Platform2695053+$15.00$60.00
Scaffolding 7' Cross Brace2695060+w/Platformw/Platform
Scaffolding 10' Cross Brace2695060+w/Platformw/Platform
Scaffolding, Feet (4)2695094$10.00$40.00
Scaffolding, Leveling Feet (4)2695095$15.00$60.00
Scaffolding, Casters (4)2695000$15.00$60.00
Scaffolding, Casters (4)2695001$15.00$60.00
Scaffolding, Casters (4)2695093$15.00$60.00
Tarp, Insulated 12' x 20' (7 available)2815005+$15.00$60.00
Snow Blower, Toro 7262740000$65.00$260.00
Snow Blower, Husqvarna 5524 STE2740005$65.00$260.00
Snow Blower, 32" Canadiana2740010$65.00$260.00
Chair, Folding (39 Available)4170000+$1.35$5.40
Table, Folding 6' x 30" (8 Available)4630000+$8.00$32.00



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