4610 Highway 2A Lacombe AB.

south of Empire Auto, map under  'contact us' 

Summer  2018 :

Monday-Fri:  8:00 am-5:00 pm  Sat 8:30am - 1pm      Sunday closed

Call for an appointment outside of these hours.

Contact Us

4610 Highway 2A Lacombe AB T4L 1H3 CA             403-782-3836 office     1-877-236-2658 fax          robs@rentalprolacombe.com

Equipment NameRental Pro ID #DayWeek
Carpet Kicker2150000$10.00$40.00
Carpet Kicker2150000$10.00$40.00
Seaming Iron2150010$12.00$48.00
Seaming Iron2150015$12.00$48.00
Carpet Seam Roller2150020$5.00$20.00
Floor Buffer2355000$30.00$120.00
Drum Sander2357000$65.00$260.00
Drum Sander2357005$65.00$260.00
Drum Sander2357015$65.00$260.00
Pad Sander, 12" x 18"2357010$65.00$260.00
Carpet Cleaner w/ upholstery attachment 2361000$35.00$140.00
Lino Roller, 13"2615000$10.00$40.00
Lino Roller, 16"2615005$10.00$40.00
Shop Vac2930000$25.00$100.00
Shop Vac2930005$25.00$100.00