4610 Highway 2A Lacombe AB.

Fall  Hours  2019 :

Open   Monday   8 am -  5 pm

Saturday  8:30 am - 1 pm

Closed  Sundays

Call for an appointment outside of these hours

4610 Highway 2A Lacombe AB T4L 1H3 CA             robs@rentalprolacombe.com        www.rentalprolacombe.com 

Rental Pro,  Rob Sproule and  Blake Ross   thank all our customers for their support and confidence in us.

Rental Pro has been operating in Lacombe for 5 years.  We find the Alberta economy has challenged us.  Our business plan was to grow steadily and be a trusted provider of equipment rentals in the Lacombe area.  After four years it was clear that we were too aggressive in our planning and expectations.  It was clear we must sell the business or close the doors. 

We blame a poor Alberta economy and long winters for not enough monthly sales to keep the business going.   Thanks for a great 4 1/2 years now.  It was a great time of meeting people and learning.

Rental Pro has equipment and tools for sale that will help your project to be completed more safely, efficiently, accurately and also more enjoyably. 

We have tools to dig, lift, carry, cut, crush, pack, drill, break, clean, hit, heat, measure, sand, wash, purify air and pump water.  They are tools that do big work but also need to be respected.  Proper operation and protective gear is critical for personal safety when running these machines.

Come in and look around, talk to Rob, the owner, or Blake, our technical guy to see what we have to offer.  For a more extensive list of items and prices you can look through the other website pages, www.rentalprolacombe.com.